We Exclusively Handle DUI Cases

Does Your Office Handle General Criminal Cases Other Than DUI?
“No” is the short answer. We are laser-focused on DUI Defense in Brookhaven and throughout Metro Atlanta. Our focus on DUI allows us to provide our clients the highest level of knowledge and customer service.  We are never preparing for “a more serious case,” nor do we have to stay current in other areas of the law.  We handle DUI cases and all related offenses because there is always a reason a person was stopped by police.  That being said, we often handle drug-related offenses and minor traffic tickets due to their relationship to our DUI Defense practice.

Staying current on Georgia’s ever-changing DUI laws is more than enough to keep any attorney busy.  Many believe they are capable of handling their client’s Brookhaven GA DUI case and do not even realize DUI laws change every single year. There is always a new punishment added or a new requirement of probation; and general practitioners are completely unaware of these changes.  We will not attempt to handle your divorce or contract dispute.  We exclusively handle DUI cases!